Just a wee little killer.
Cold black eyes of a killer
I eat the fishes cuz they’re so delicious 
Knight Anole in the spotlight
Who cooks for you all?
K rat
One of many silly birds not on my year list
Watch your back for big brother
"Doubtless the Lord—to paraphrase Lincoln’s aphorism—must love the Cliff Swallows, else he would not have made so many of them. Common they unquestionably are; yet I do not know that they are all together lovable." -  William C. Dawson (1923)
Some pack-ice penguins for Bruce
Pagodroma dreams
"Their bills are not only much shorter, but much more delicately proportioned than those of the other gulls; while their gabbling, duck-like notes oppose a mild alto to the screams and high trumpetings of their larger congeners" - William Dawson, The Birds of California 1923 [The Short-billed Gull / American Mew Gull]